Specialty Cakes

All of our Justified cakes are created by assembling 3 layers of delicious cake & 2 layers of filling, Our normal ordering time is 4 days notice but with the Holiday: Any orders  between Dec 15 - 22nd must be placed before December 8th. Thank you! 

If you don't see the flavor you like, just ask!

COOKIES & CREAM - chocolate cake, chocolate mousse,

     cookies & cream buttercream

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - vanilla cake, vanilla bean custard, fresh strawberries,

     lightly sweetened whipped cream
CARROT CAKE - spiced carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, toasted walnuts
TIRAMISU CHOCOLATE - chocolate cake, tiramisu mousse,espresso buttercream
LEMON WHITE CHOCOLATE - vanilla cake, lemon curd, white chocolate mousse,

     lemon buttercream 
CHOCOLATE LOVE - chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream
COCONUT - coconut vanilla cake, coconut custard, cream cheese frosting
CLASSIC VANILLA - vanilla cake, vanilla bean custard, vanilla buttercream
HAZELNUT BANANA - vanilla cake, hazelnut chocolate spread & banana custard,

     toffee buttercream
MINT CHOCOLATE CRUNCH - chocolate cake, mint ganache, chocolate cookie crunch,

     vanilla buttercream
RED VELVET - red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting
CHOCOLATE ORANGE HAZELNUT - chocolate cake, orange vanilla custard,

     hazelnut chocolate buttercream

VANILLA CHOCOLATE - vanilla cake, chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream
PEANUT BUTTER CUP - vanilla cake, peanut butter mousse, peanut butter cups,

     milk chocolate buttercream
VEGAN CHOCOLATE - vegan chocolate cake, chocolate ganache


6” cakes serves 4 - 10 people, priced from $31 - $35
8” cakes serves 8 - 16 people, priced from $61 - $68
10” cakes serves 12 - 25 people, priced from $86 - $90

* Gluten Free cakes are available for an additional charge / please ask for details